If I tweet/FB this will it get read?

Just a quick test of the power of linked Social Mediam to see if my writing a blog and tweeting/Facebooking to see how my hits go up. Will update in time to see how it goes.

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All Change – New Flyers on the way

Printer has come up with revised flyer, after we changed the copy.  Couple of typos to amend but other than that really pleased – this and new business cards all tie in with the van’s graphics and my invoices.

8CW’s New Flyer (needs a couple of changes before approval)

Just checking this over the weekend, getting amendments made Monday morning then produced!  Then the hard work of getting them out into the real world.  One hopes these will do their job!

Comments welcomed as ever.

Other than that, today has been a complete washout – everytime the ladders came out so everything fell out of the sky at me!  Sun shone at lunchtime, whilst I was enjoying my Sushi (it was reduced in Tesco!), then thunder, rain etc so I called it a day, but first called on my remaining customers for the day to let them know I’d be back Monday or Tuesday subject to weather.  You can clean windows in the wet, and normally I do (when the wet is normal wet not random monsoon!)

It’s not that I don’t mind working in the wet, it is just the current spell of wet is pounding, lashing, soak you through rain.  It also is a real pain for finishing off the glass, as just as you get it streak-free and shining, it gets wet again!  I know cleaning windows and rain can go hand in hand but when scrims are wet before you use them, you know it is time to call it a day!

Met a guy this week who was a real joy to talk to, 71 and a window cleaner all his life, now working and living in Cambridgeshire.  Had a great 15 minutes chat with him, he then slung the 25kg sack he’d just bought over his shoulder and marched off.

Have a free clean of a town house on Monday.  I don’t normally do them, but have just bought a 10m Unger pole, and have been asked to do a very very tall town house.  Now I don’t mind ladder work, but this is beyond my limits. [Oddly, about 6 or 7 years ago I had to do some repairs to the woodwork on our 1st floor masonette’s windows.  I hated it!  My wife stood at the bottom of my ladders and it was not good.  I’d completely forgotten about this until I’d setup my Window Cleaning Business and in the early days was up my ladders one day and it came flooding back!  Thankfully, I seem to have found my ladder legs, and not had a problem since!] Anyways, I am doing a free clean as I have been asked to take the house on and I would prefer the customer to be sure they are happy with what I can do for them. It also ensures we are both happy with the job – maybe it is my high stadards, but there are jobs I have been disappointed with, and the customer has been full of praise for the work. Do I take it too seriously, or maybe that is why I am good!

It’s funny what I get asked to do:  Gardening, moving stable doors, repairing loose roof tiles, commenting on Garage Door installions (where 2 inch pipe wrap is used to fill the hole at the bottom where the installer put them in too high), go on BBC Radio Suffolk – have been on three or four times in last few months for different things – usually in response to texts I send in to them – all good fun and all sorts of things the wife wants me to do to boot!

Seen anything saucy this week?

Now let me think?  Nope unless you count 3 dead bloated hedgehogs, 2 dead foxes and a squirrel. So in a word no! Maybe my next blog will contain the naughtiness that everyone thinks I get to see peering through everyone’s windows!

The rural rabbits of Suffolk have a problem in what they consider their garden.  Not to be outdone, homeowner gets in rabbit man, who turns out to be a wannabee rambo, fully in combats with many hundreds of pounds invested in Air Rifles, with proper sights.  He is from the north of the county, some 30 minutes from said garden.  After 2 hours rabbit man bags 2 – the rest did not come out to play.  He decided not to come back as he thought the garden was 6 miles from his, not the 20 odd he travelled. His bill – 2 recently dispatched rabbits and £2 a rabbit dispatched! Glad I don’t do that job!

And that’s all folks till next time…….

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Deluded, surprised and broken

So no rain today – horay!  New customers today -horay! And more tomorrow – horay – but rain is coming too – boo!

Deluded – I was called to quote an impressively large house, lovely big windows about 30 of them – all little french ones – so I quoted for the size – it was about the size of 3 normally large houses, if not 4, probably a good hour and a half to clean – nearer 2 and a half for the first clean.  I thought it was a lot of money so recalculated and it was the same, so I knocked a bit off, and told the customer.  Customer quipped back that the last window cleaner charged 1/3 of the price, and my husband would never pay that much!  I asked where was the previous cleaner?  Response – He just disappeared….. same old story – so I cut my losses and left.

Surprised – knocked no one in – started job.  Went to check where my cheque is usually left, disturbed chickens who were hiding, then got surpirise when the customer’s partner came out of an outbuilding to see what the fuss was!

Broken – where does one start – I have dropped my Sony C902 countless times, more than once from the top of the ladder, it has been dropped in water, bounced onto the road, and hit countless patios but still worked wonderfully – what a phone.  Alas the screen is somewhat broken now – how?  It dropped about 2 foot onto the carpet!

So to replace it – nothing suitable about – don’t really want to spend loads of money on a flash phone, really I wanted a solid Sony, but they don’t seem to have any for to work on 3, so I settled for a Nokia 2730.  I have a sneaky feeling that it won’t last as long as the faithful sony.

New customer today, and while I was cleaning her windows, the neighbour asked for a quote, and I cleaned hers too.  Fast forward 6 hours, and neighbour’s sister phones for a quote as her sister is raving about what I did for her.  Sister uses a large commercial water-fed pole cleaner (who bought the round of her previous cleaner), but WFP Cleaner is damaging her windows, and she has had enough – and she is fed up with the finish.  Time and time again, I am picking up ex-WFP customers who are fed up with what they are getting.  It is not hard, you need to prepare the water properly, use good quality tools and take your time.  In fact exactly what I do, but traditonally.  I nearly always use my own water, as I know how it cleans, I know it sounds odd, but even water from the other side of town seems to clean differently, so I stick with what I know, plus customers are paying for a service, so my view is turn up, bring what you need, do the job and go.  The only things I leave are lovely clean windows, sometimes used water on the plants (there is nothing harmful in my bucket) and hopefully very happy customers!  Can WFP give a good finish?  In my view possibly, but there is something to be said being up the ladder, noticing the small smidge that hasn’t cleaned off and finishing it off by hand.  How you get a quality product for £5, when the going rate is nearer £12, is easy, I do not think you can.  I saw it time and time again, in my years working in IT, and am now seeing it in Window Cleaning, but I am sure it is the same in nearly evrythingelse.

Price gives time, which will be a large factor in the quality you get, and hence your happiness!

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So what has the window cleaner seen today?

So what has the window cleaner seen today?

Scandalous and lush sights through the glass?

Today I saw some vanilla candles, a pile of washed towels, a padded bra drying on a washing line, one surprised child and other half when I went to do the parents windows – I always knock to save blushes and a rabbit – usually running loose in the garden, but thankfully locked up in his hutch. I say thankfully because I forgot to shut the gate and remembered about 10 minutes later.

So yet again my expectations of printers is higher than reality – it seems the artwork won’t be done till Thursday, so it looks like the flyers won’t be ready for a week….

Tomorrow brings more new customers, so life is looking up – maybe I’ll get pickle in my sarnies…..

So nothing of real interest today – more potential titalation tomorrow?  Who knows – one hopes not – I’d probably fall off my ladder- check tomorrow’s blog to find out!

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In need of inspiration…..

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, and we decided to go to a country fair.  When we saw the carparking charge, and the lack of anything there, we decided to take the kids and in-laws to Southwold!

We managed lunch at the 3 Horseshoes Charsfield, a bit of a hidden gem, and they sell good real ale – got a pint of Vic from Earl Soham, that’s 2 in 2 days .  Not sure why we don’t go there more often, as we are often in the area, and the food and drink is good, keenly priced and it is pleasant there.  Then took the boys to Charsfield Church, so they could see where mummy and daddy got married!

Southwold remains fab, but appears to have more visitors than normal – maybe Alan Titchmarsh show has woken up the world to the joys of Southwold – boo hiss!

Last night, a lovely chinese out minus the kids and a few tipples at Meadlands on the way home.  Why the wife decided a pickled egg would go down well. I don’t know.  Still the wind changed when she asked for a second and it was “a little mature”….

Today I need to sort out the new flyers I am doing, hope to have them up and running next week.  Any ideas appreciated – planning to use the curves on the van and red and white with black wording – see http://www.8cw.co.uk for the style.  Also need to do my Tax Return – but that can wait – going to need a good head of steam to do that one this year!

Referenceline is coming on well and getting good feedback for the work I do – that’s a great thing and am really please I joined the Suffolk Trusted Trader Scheme.  I got work yesterday from a new customer, who found me in Thomson Local.  When I asked how she found me, she pointed to the fact “You are the only Stowmarket Window Cleaner listed!”

Good lesson there I think – be proud of who you are, what you do and shout it out – how will you ever be found if you remain quiet – or is there a reason to try to remain in the shaddows?

As an interesting postscript I took on a new customer today, and whilst they knew of me, we got married in the village they live in, and I am going to clean their windows before their daughter gets married this month, they mentioned they’d been checking out my recommendations #WIN

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A curious start?

My Van

My workplace, when I am not up a ladder!


As a Window Cleaner I seem to be spending more time with blogging, twitter (http://twitter.com/8cw) and my website (http://www.8cw.co.uk) than I ever did when I worked in IT!

So why the change?  IT a good job, yes undoubtedly, however working in London I was missing out.  I did not get enough time to spend with my wife and boys.  Hence the non-dilema when redundancy came my way and the sort of IT job I did was not available, work for myself!  Thank’s to a chance remark by my sister Pip, and an interview on the Leslie Dolphin show on BBC Radio Suffolk the seed was sown.

I approach my business from an IT Service Delivery perspective, which is what I know.  I am probably the only ITIL V3 (http://www.itil-officialsite.com/home/home.asp) and Prince2 (http://www.prince-officialsite.com/home/home.asp) Window Cleaner about.  From the comments I get from my customers, they notice the difference.  I am also now a member of the Suffolk Trading Standards Trusted Trader Scheme – (http://www.referenceline.com/trackrecord/summary.asp?firmnumber=33751) where my customer’s view of my work can be seen.  So if you need a window cleaner, get in touch via my website (http://www.8cw.co.uk)

I must admit I have never been happier – many say because of what I see through the windows, well best you read this to see what I see.

Is that why I am always smiling?

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